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The QuadGrips and “shift on the fly” designs are the “brain child” of James Watson a C-6/7 Complete Quadriplegic (Tetra). Injured in a auto crash in 1996 James has been cyclist most his life and a handcyclist since 1998. Along with his wife Tammy they live in the quaint Kansas town of Winfield. Aside from developing products for people with disabilities, they also volunteer for a local area non-profit Wheelchair Sports INC. James has been on the board of directors since 2004 when he and his wife Tammy started the adaptive cycling program. James directs the program there with great support from Tammy.

After years of  requests and encouragement from customers, friends and family, Tammy and James turned the hobby of making QuadGrips and other custom products for others into a business. Although James’ work on designs and custom products does not garner him the training time to race at that level these days, he still races and rides recreationally with friends and family. He comes up with many of the designs while riding his bike.

Incorporated in 2013 SPECIAL-T-INNOVATIONS LLC / continues working to find solutions for Quads and other disabled individual with various needs. Customers, friends and others have influenced the many refinements you see in our current line up of products. A big “Thank You” goes out to a few who were with us from the beginning and have helped move us forward in many ways:  Rob Zimmy, John Squires, Paul Kelley, Cassy Mitchell, Jay Ayers, Scott Rimmer, Wayne Romero, and Dale Pausewang .

For more information and a list of our QuadGrips FAmily see our dealers page
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